New Interface

We are proud to present the new Interface, which offers a variety of new features, as well as the new theme!

Technology Landscape
A brand new type of graphs is available, the subject category landscape, accessible through its respective pub/pat landscape. In this new visualization each node represents a subject category and each edge represents publications, in which both the participating subject categories are referenced. This allows the user to track the distribution of subject categories for a given technology, as well as their relationships. Right-clicking on a subject category leads to a filtered version of the Pub/Pat landscape, where only publications containing the clicked subject category, and the organisations that published them appear. In all of the graphs it possible to view a sorted grid of the nodes by changing the layout option. 3 different sortings are available; size, connectivity and impact. Additional features include changing the type of edges (curved/normal), taking screenshots of the graph, and manually changing the position of nodes. A compact menu of the all available features and their respective keyboard shortcuts can be displayed by clicking the question mark on the upper right corner of the screen.


Our thanks goes to CERN's graphic design team for their much appreciated contribution!


Have fun!

The Technogram is here!

We are proud to present the Technogram, a new view into the world of technologies, patents and publications!

The Technogram is essentially a sociogram of technologies: technologies connected together through their common papers and patents. Each node is a technology. The connections between nodes either imply a paper or patent is mentioning both technologies, or a paper/patent of belonging to one technology is citing a paper/patent belonging to another technology.


Right-clicking on a node takes you to the respective sociogram. You can go back to the technogram at any time from the respective left-hand side pane option. You can also access the sociograms by clicking on the top panel. 

Have fun!










New release!

Today we are releasing a new version of the graph interface. The biggest change since the last release is that we have added a toolbar where you can set a threshold for the number of papers, select colour-coding for the nodes, and more. In addition we have made some graphical changes to the interface. We are now working on getting all our maps up and running on the new version.

New functionality:

New graph interface!

We are proud to finally announce the release of our new graph interface. This new interface comes with a lot of added features, most notably the ability to click on the edges, and navigating the timeline. Most of our maps are up and running, but we are currently missing Ion Implanters and E-beam Lithography. These will be made available during next week. Also note that we currently do not have a complete set of maps (both patents and publications) for all technologies.



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